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Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Android ♥ @ Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So currently I'm in love with Android operating system. Since my Dad has one, I can't stop holding his cellphone. He always said to me, "why you always playing with my cellphone? You've got your own smartphone, go play with it..". Sorry Dad but your Android beats my Blackberry. I want one!!

Why I easily fall in love with this Android? Because there's SO MUCH cool applications from game to music, knowledge to photography. One of my favorite is Vignette photo application. When I go with my Dad, I always grab his cellphone and take this-that pictures with this application. Cooool!!! Here's my slingshot :

taken in the morning when I went to campus..hell yeah traffic jam!

@nicays , my sister. I candid her!

Now I'm in such big dillema to replace my now smartphone to Android (sounds spoil). Somebody buy me this :

Samsung Gio!

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