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Friday, 26 March 2010
Superb Week @ Friday, March 26, 2010

I have a superb day lately, I spent much time with my campus mate and spent a weekend with my family.. I always thankful for all that stuff :)

A couple day ago finally I watched the movie-that-I-waiting-for-looooong-time : THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR.PARNASSUS! have you? Well.. it's very boring movie,said my Mom and Dad. But for me and my sister, it's not! Can you imagine movie that present Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Collin Farrel and Jude Law?? Yeahh.. it's super duper great. I heard, this movie won Best Costume in Golden Globe or some kind of that awards. No wonders, their costume very..very..stunning!!In my opinion this movie better than Alice In Wonderland,in costume's way. You should check this movie as soon as possible, because in my district only one cinema which play this movie. So you better hurry..

ok!day by day, i feel stick with my campus mate,actually we are (stick together to) doing this task and that test!we are sharing lot of story,lot of gosiip..yeah this is what i've been looking for..finally i meet you guys :) and finally i declare that i'm falling in (love) to someone :* i can't tell you more,its kind sensitive to me. Soon if we move on or something, i must be telling you,guys..

ohyeah!have you ever heard a brand shoes called SKONO ?it's from Norway and I'm deadly want grab that shoes!!!!I can't find it in my city,can you tell me about this brand (where and why i can get this?)


And today i made a quotes :
Berani bermimpi,harus berani mewujudkannya!!
(if you dare to dream,you should dare to make it happen)

see ya,

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