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Monday, 15 March 2010
PKLH project story @ Monday, March 15, 2010

last Saturday I went to 12 Junior High School in Tangerang, well I have a task for my lecture so I went there totally with a BIG MISSION,yeah.. a mission that I must get A+ for this task!!

I will explain about this task,why I came to a Junior High School in beautiful Saturday morning?? My lecturer gave me (and my classmate) a challenged to make a change in environment, because I take Pendidikan Kependudukan dan Lingkungan Hidup in this semester, we have a responsibility to settled up this challenge. We (a group of 6 girls including me) have a BRILLIANT IDEA to make a change in Junior High School. We choose school that have no maintained environment (sorry to say this) blaa..blaa..blaa.. With a kindness of Riza's mother (Riza is one of my friend in group) we allowed to make a change in place where she work, SMPN 12 Tangerang.. thank you very much,Mrs :) After short formality, we got a chance to make a change in SMP 12 Tangerang!!! wooohoooo it's sounds like we are power rangers or sailormoon kind of way ;p

me as teacher,am i suitable to be called as TEACHER?hahaa

can you see their eager eyes?

THE 'IT' GROUPS!yeahhhhhhhh..

ok,actually i have a lot of photos about this event but too bad my internet connection is suck lately so i have to wait about 3 minutes upload this photo,grrrhhh!!Overall the most important thing is WE DID THIS EVENT VERY WELL!!


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