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Sunday, 1 March 2009
@ Sunday, March 01, 2009

my life seems brighter day by day..
not intresting in love,but i'm attracted to you
love's too strong and a bit cliche
for now this enough,i've got a long way

Rasanya minggu terakhir bulan Februari kemarin buat gue sangat menyenangkan.Instead everything done well..Tugas kuliah gue selesai semua,tabungan nambah dan i got a new crush(what silly that sound!)

Got a new crush means i'll get a brighter day!Kenapa?Soalnya pasti hari-hari ke depan bakalan 'penuh' dengan ngeliatin dia,gap-in dia,or even ngelamunin dia :)

Seru sekali kan?I've been quite a long not feeling like this..Jadi rasanya excited aja walaupun belum tentu jadi juga nantinya :D Tapi yang pasti perasaan gue kali ini (kalo kata sherina-mah)BETTER THAN LOVE..hahaa

Seems impossible,seems absurd
I didn't even know you before
Kept my distance closing in
I don't mind caressing your skin

What did you say,what did you do?
Somehow I feel i'm enchanted by you
Flying high on a mountain high
Suddenly you look as bright as sky..(Sherina-Better Than Love)


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