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Tuesday, 3 April 2012
My City Of Dream @ Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I think everybody has one city of their dream. A city where you wish you can spent your time there. A city where everything there looks perfect in your eyes. A city where you wish you were there every time you see it on postcard/photo. 

Where's yours? Paris? New York? Tokyo? Seoul? Jakarta? 

I have one. I know now, that I have one of my city of dream. Seoul.. is one of my city of dream. I really wish I can go there someday. Maybe all of you know how I get so interested in KPOP, mostly in cute boy from Korea. Maybe this city of dream is start when I enjoy KPOP very much. 

Since I like many songs in Korean, I start to learn about their culture, their fashion, their foods, their life. I know little more about how magnificent Korea is. Everything in Korea looks cute, not only the boys but everything! Let me share pictures of cuteness in Korea I found in internet : 

N. Seoul Tower - Locking Heart 

Lotte World

the fashion market

the street

the famous street foods 

Not cute at all for you? Ok, but for me all pictures above is really cute and tempting. FYI, from week ago I started to learn Hangul from internet, now I can read those 한글 little bit. And I'm happy for it *\(^^)/* Now I will continue learn this language until I can read, write, speak Korean well. Ah, it's really exciting!!

Someday... Seoul wait for me! Someday I will stand in your land, reach my dream. I will try hard for reach this, because I know I can!!!!!!


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